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Business Valuations

Hartford Business Brokers performs business valuations “business appraisals” to determine what a business is worth in conjunction with partnership buy-outs, divorce settlements, trusts. estates, and for financial planning purposes. Also if you are considering changing the form of business from an LLC to an "S" Corp (or vice versa), or if you just want to know what your business is worth.

Once we understand the purpose of the valuation we select the most appropriate financial method (s) to apply. This determination shapes the outcome of the valuation, because different valuation approaches and concepts may be more appropriate for different purposes.

Some business owners attempt to use tax returns or financial statements prepared for tax purposes as the basis for the financial presentation of their business. As a result, the market values of the assets are not reflected because of depreciation or acceptable deductions that are written off for tax purposes.

While this may be good for income tax purposes, tax return financials do not reflect years of hard work in accumulating business assets. The business goodwill or intangible value, which represents a major component of what the business is worth in many cases, is not a consideration for income tax purposes and, therefore, not addressed in financial statements for tax purposes.

For a business to grow and expand in today’s market, capital and financing are essential. The financial presentation reflecting what the business is worth can be a powerful tool for use in dealing with financial institutions, suppliers, and customers.

Additionally, a business valuation is essential when the owner is considering selling the business, or changing the form of ownership.

Income Stream Valuations

If you receive annual income or stock distribution dividends from a trust, an estate, partnership or business; Hartford Business Brokers performs fair market valuations for income tax purposes. If you have someone that would like to buy-out your ownership shares we can place a value on them.

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