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We Are "Business Broker Professionals"

About Us - Hartford Business Brokers®

Experience Counts - Professional Staff

The managers and administrative staff of Hartford Business Brokers have a combined experience of over 95 years in selling businesses, buying businesses and valuing businesses. We understand the process of selling and buying a business. Our experience helps to get the sale completed. We work very closely with the seller and the buyer to make the sale and the transaction process smooth and pleasant.

Our Commitment to You

Hartford Business Brokers only represents the seller (you our client) in the transaction – so there is never a worry about a dual agency situation occurring where the seller and the buyer are represented by the same broker.

Our Staff

Bill Wilson

Bill has a 22 year background in business. Out of college Bill joined a major communications manufacturer then was associated with several major product manufacturers. Bill is well versed in manufacturing, distribution and the retailing of products and business services.

Ken Walton

Ken has an extensive background in franchises of just about all types, spending 15 years with several well known franchise brands before starting his own. Ken is an expert in franchises ranging from food to business services to personal services.

Herb Schwartz

Herb has a 30 year background in the food industry. Herb specializes in selling convenience stores, restaurants, and service related businesses.

George Simms

George is a specialist in selling Mom & Pop businesses ranging from liquor stores to laundromats to convenience stores.

Representing clients across Florida from St Augustine and Jacksonville. Supporting these "professionals" is a talented administrative staff waiting to serve you and provide you with excellent service. Call or email us.